Roger Garfield


Harmony, balance and aesthetics enthusiast with the artistic soul. Aleksandra’s constant drive to seek new inspirations and her knowledge of the newest wedding trends make her our consultant with a passion for décor. Having meticulous attention to detail and a great “eye” for decorations, she is ready to take up new challenges which require great creativity.

Roger Garfield


In emergency, he keeps a cool head and he is quick to make right decisions. His strong point is the manly outlook on the world and the resolve. Denis has a sense of style and a clear concept, which is helpful during the Wedding Theme and Décor selection and development.

Roger Garfield


Being a psychology enthusiast with her ability to listen and understand the needs of our clients, she’s an excellent wedding consultant. Aurelia’s experience in coordinating the weddings is on many occasions the subject of gentle teasing for the rest of the team, as she is great at planning them not only for our clients, but also three times for herself!

Why choose us?

We particularly emphazise that our mission is not to take away the pleasure of your Big Day, but to assist you with the planning and to leave you with memories you could cherish forever.

Besides the qualifications, the brilliant minds of our consultants are helpful in situations impossible to predict.

Moreover, it is a common knowledge that the number 3 means balance and completion in the universe.

And this is exactly our approach – besides individual guidance provided to our clients, we are also a good team. We supplement each other, and this is what makes us reliable.

Each of our clients will be provided with assistance of their chosen consultant and, as the need arises, the rest of our team.

Who is the Wedding Consultant?

Wedding Consultant is not only the organiser of a client’s wedding, but also a negotiator, psychologist, visionary, director, designer and scenarist.

The main role of the wedding planner is to help, advise and simply to get things done. The planner can save both a lot of your time and money, due to the benefits of their continued work with subcontractors, which include discounts for the Bride & Groom.

The consultants don’t have to choose among several dozens of locations - they present only a few carefully selected venues tailored to suggestions and preferences of the couple. The same approach is taken considering the selection of the remaining aspects, such as the photographer or the printery of invitations.

The craft of the wedding planner means taking responsibility for the quality, style and also working method of all the partners the consultant is working with. With our services, planning your wedding won’t be stressful anymore. Instead of that, you will be able to fully enjoy every step of this journey.

We believe that the wedding should be the special day of the newlyweds and we are extremely happy to hear our client’s words of gratitude for many unforgettable moments.

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